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Wed, Aug. 30th, 2006, 04:55 pm
stuff for sale


Anberlin-blueprints for the blackmarket
Ballydowse-out of the fertile crescent
the blackjacks- blood and sweat
blaster the rocketman- the monster who ate Jesus
cock sparrer- shock troops
crashdog- 8 years to nowhere
five o'clock people- the nothing venture
flatfoot56- the waves of war and knuckles up re release
the hanover saints- blood, guts, and glory
havalina rail co.- america
Headnoise- for now we know part 1
the Israelites- washaway
Kat Jones- the glory green ep
The last hope- no title and violence, vengeance, and retribution
Lori Shea- Tell out
Mercury Radio Theater- blue eyed model
90lb wuss- self titled and where meager die of self interest
Oingo Boingo- nothing to fear
One21- when the dragon is finally laid to rest
Our Corpse Destroyed- avenge your city
Psalters- us. vs. us., live in ohio, and the divine liturgy of the wretched exiles
the remnants- songs from the hell hole and bang bang bang
the subject- christinas new hope
the wednesdays- midnight songs in the time of war
Zippy Josh- all three albums
the dingees- armaggedon massive

fahrenheit 451
the time machine
the complete hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
the great divorce
the hunchback of notre dame
the grapes of wrath
the invisible man
war of the worlds
the screwtape letters
a wrinkle in time
mere christianity

a vhs video camera
eagle figurines
attack of the killer tomatoes poster

longsleeve white t-shirt
akeldama band shirt
deadbillys band towell
one pair of black dickies pants
one patched up military jacket

all of this needs to be gone and will help with traveling expenses thanks to all of you

Sun, Apr. 2nd, 2006, 04:23 pm
music and movies for sale


1.bubba hotep
2.lost in translation
3.Last Days
4.Kung Pow
5.Land of the dead

1.five iron frenzy-the end is near
2.the havoc-road warrior
3.the remnants-bang bang, songs from the hell hole
4.Zippy Josh-live album, excess baggage, stupidville
5.ACX-both albums
6.Kat Jones-la rosa, la calavera
7.one21-the dragons is finally laid to rest
8.Ballydowse-out of the fertile crescent
9.the subject-christinas last hope
11.cocksparrer-shock troops
12.flatfoot56-knuckles up, waves of war
13.the blackjacks-blood and sweat
14.raised by wolves-hot blood
15.the last hope
16.the dingees-armageddon massive
17.the hanover saints-blood, guts, glory
18.90lb wuss-silf titled, where meager die of self interest
19.Psalters-Live, us vs. us
20.ted dancin machine-want me
21.five o clock people-the nothing venture

if you are interested in any of these, name a price and i will ship them out to you

Fri, Feb. 3rd, 2006, 11:08 am

i have cd's for sale. and if anyone is interested respond and i will name off what i have.

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2005, 01:44 pm

lately i have been feeling really torn apart and shredded by the things of this world. as the days pass here, i really feel distant in my heart and struggle to find balance in my walk with Yeshua. No longer do i feel refreshed in HIS presence, but hard pressed to find comfort in daily living. It seems to get harder daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to find hope in a ravaged place. i have been a mediator for my room mates and it is not fun, i have been really disliking my work. the more i work there, the more it seems like everyone is depressed and does not seem to have joy in there empty shells. Everything is killing me here. i know what to live. but it is hard when it seems like everyone is against you and no matter how much you want to help people you always feel drained or empty and cannot truly give the needs of people. that is my current update after so long. pray your heart out for all the saints and may the LORD truly be with you. Shalom

Sat, Jul. 9th, 2005, 10:20 am
my head is exploding like goat cheese on mars

i really have nothing to say. this was originally going to be an update with poems and bible notes, but i changed my mind. So you can fill in the blanks in you wish. one day i was walking on the ___________. i saw_______ in the distance and it made me__________. Finally i woke up from a being knocked out by a wild___________. This made me cringe. Later on that day i saw______ and they ended up running away when i tried to give them a __________. Are you my friend i tell them with a megaphone. While doing this they proceeded to ___________. After such a chaotic day, i was really tired and decided to fall asleep on a ________. The end! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 11:05 am
two and a half days with sore ribs

My vacation is nearing an end and i would rather be somewhere other than Oregon. The trip to cornerstone took and total of almost five days there and back again. During the festival i was able to truly serve with the Glen Clark family at the Jesus Village. If you have never met Glen Clark or his family, you need to someday. This year at the festival was different for me since i spent more time actually just hanging out rather than going to shows. Flatfoot56 had some amazing shows. One in which a few people got injured. myself being one of them caused a elbow to get thrown into my ribs. After this elbow sent me to the ground there was non stop pain in my ribs for the rest of the fest. Which caused a lack of moshing or tons of movement to take place the rest of the time. Which was good anyways, since i really needed to relax and get my mind off of things in Oregon. Upon stumbling into a smaller generator stage a canadian ska band was gracious enough to allow me to sing a song about marshmallows and do a spoken word during their sets. It was a blast and i could not get away from people screaming out marshmallows at me for the rest of the festival. i really had a hard time wanting to head back to Oregon. There seems to be nothing left for me to hold onto here in this state. My heart is really in the midwest or just wandering around to help serve those doing true ministry outside of the walls of a building. Needless to say that at the end of the festival i really felt like staying and never coming back to that which has no hold on my life any longer. i pretty much lost everyone friend wise here in Oregon. Sure i have friends here, but there are only one or two that really encourage me. All the other people i have hungout with seem to be dragging me down. it is time to move on and get away from this place of despair. For all those who read this can you keep me in prayer. i know i will be heading back to school, but where that is going to be i do not have a clue at all. Skipping back to the festival news. The hardest thing that i had to endure hearing was that we miss you Phillip when are you going to come back? We want to to come back and stay. Come back. After hearing this my heart was really torn in two. i really do not know what to do anymore. It just feels like Oregon is no longer my home and that i need to move on. But where to. I have no idea. Thanks for listening and may the LORD truly bless you all. Shalom! i will be posting more poems and bible notes soon. This entry was more of what has been on my heart since leaving the fest. thanks again for listening.

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 05:16 pm
coming from a miracle

poems that have recently come to me.

Dwelling-Arms as eagles wing gather strength in the temple of praise. Foundations torn down while a new building process comes from the hand of YAHWEH.

One Nation under GOD-
Burning flames surround the hearts of believers sweeping through a broken nation. Winds blow fire allowing mighty destruction to refine and purify those who feel the burn. No longer will the heat be extinguished. Children become torched by by the midst of unity binding one nation together with principles founded upon Christ. One nation under GOD, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Open eyes see the endless glory-
Entering a city upon the gates transformation takes place. Deep rooted vines surround hearts touched by endless mercy. Lights out seems to haunt those who are lost in the dark. Quickly glory comes in clouds to break spells of chaos and disbelief in the earth. Broken chains fall to the ground, releasing children before the LORD Himself. Peace flows from hands as water sweeps throughout the world. Hidden no longer by eyes, Y'SHUA waltzes gracefully upon the planet as praise breaks forth grasping HIS children to bring them to eternal rest forever.

Wed, Feb. 23rd, 2005, 04:00 pm
i do not care if you dont

Obey the LORD and HE shall do mighty works through you. If you stray away from HIS presence HIS anger shall be against you. The LORD always finds a way to set you free from bondage.

The LORD will work miracles in your life to free you from the slavery of sin and of the world.

Y'SHUA is able to defeat the enemies that seek to destroy us, but we have to be willing to seek HIM face to face. In this the enemy will be defeated in your life. The LORD shall provide all that you need, just be willing to accept all that HE is offering you in your life.

The LORD shall reveal HIMSELF to you. All you have to do is be willing and step out in faith to see HIM face to face.

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 10:49 am
this day needs to be buried forever.

The LORD shall bless you no matter what as long as you follow HIM with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

GOD is precious if you allow HIM to be the true GOD. The LORD always uses situations good or bad to benefit the lives of others.

The LORD is gracious, HE helps us get through our tough times and is able to carry us through the dark times of life. The LORD is the great I AM. YESHUA will help you out as long as you are willing to listen to HIM and obey HIS command.

Wed, Feb. 9th, 2005, 02:57 pm
my back aches and my knees are sore in the old age

The LORD GOD Almighty shall bless and prosper you as long as you seek HIS face daily in abundance. The LORD shall give you favor in peoples lives as long as you acknowledge that HE is totally there for you.

The LORD is awesome and will always be around to help those who seek HIS face completely.

The LORD shows you favor as long as you totally obey HIM and stay away from sin.

Trust totally in the LORD and HE shall provide for you everything you need in every situation in life. The LORD always provides all you need one way or another.

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